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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Second Year Master Students’ Mastery of the Properties of Adjectival and Verbal Dependent Prepositio ns : The C ase o f Master Two S tudents of English at Mila university CentreAmina BELLARA, BELLARA
2016Contribution à l’étude de la qualité des eaux souterraines de la plaine de Chelghoum Laid (W-Mila)zinelabidine, Benatmane
2019حداثة التشكيل الشعري عند علي محمود طهسعاد, عياش
2019المُتخيّل التاريخي في روايات الحبيب السّائحعبد الباسط, طلحة
2019Pronunciation-Learning Strategies and their Impact upon the Production of English Front and Back Vowels:Selma, MEFEREDJ; Selma, LEGUENE
2019IText and the State of EFL Academic Writing The Case of Third Year EFL Learners at Mila University CentreBENABDELLAH,; BETIT, Iman
2019Proverbs Translation in Enhancing Cultural Competency in EFL A Case Study of 2nd Year Students of English at Mila University CenterAhlam, SEDDIKI
2019Teaching Phrasal Verbs Using the Structural/Communicative Approach A Case Study of First Year Students of English at Abdelhafid Boussouf University Center of MilaGuessas Chabila, Guessas; Bouafia Aya, Bouafia
2019Investigating the Role of Social / Affective Strategies in Enhancing EFL Speaking ProficiencyWissam, FENTAZI
2019Investigating Teachers’ and Learners’ Points of View about the Role of Prefabricated Sequences in Improving Speaking Proficiency The Case Study of Second Year EFL Students at AbdelhafidHadjer, BOUDEN; Samia BOUZARAA, BOUZARAA