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dc.contributor.authorكهينة, شحلاط, ولد زمارة سارة-
dc.identifier.citationمذكرة مكملة لنيل شهادة الماستر في علوم التسيير (ل.م.د) تخصص " إدارة ماليةen_US
dc.description.abstractPetroleum is the cornerstone of every economyits an strategic resource that governs political and economic relations and depends on it to finance its investment and economic projects also to finance its budget. Algeria is one if the countries that is depends for covering its public expenditures on the collection of petroleum revenuesWhether it is processing or managementTherefore any fluctuation in oil revenues will inevitably affect these costs and in the same direction. Our aimed of this study is to find out how the volatility of oil price affect public expenditures in Algeria during that period from 2001 to 2018 We have focused on the estimated public expenditure (fiscal law) and the actual public expenditure (the state budget)Depending on the reports of the organization of Arab petroleum exporting countries and the organization of petroleum exporting countries And the reports of the national bureau of statistics In addition to the official gazette We concluded through this study that there is a significant effect of the fluctuations of oil prices on public expenditure in AlgeriaBoth in the management and processing estimated or actual. And we notice that the impact of these fluctuations recorded a larger proportion of estimated consumption expenditures while the effect was greater in actual management expenses.en_US
dc.publisherAbdelhafid Boussouf University centre- Milaen_US
dc.subjectpetroleumoil prices actual spending estimated spending processing expenses management expensesen_US
dc.titleأثر تقلبات أسعار البترول على الإنفاق العام في الجزائرen_US
dc.title.alternativeدراسة تحليلية للفترة 201-2018en_US
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