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Title: جمالية القصيدة الرقمية: قراءة في قصيدة الخروج من رقيم البدن ل عبد المنعم الأزرق
Authors: سعاد, عياش
Keywords: الجمالية , القصيدة الرقمية , تقنيات الرقمنة , الوسائط المتعددة , الحاسوب
aesthetic, digital poem, digitization techniques, multimedia, computer.
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: Abdelhafid boussouf university Centre mila
Series/Report no.: العدد1;
Description: This study seeks to explain how the poet Abdel-Moneim Al-Azraq uses digitization techniques to convey the poetic content to be expressed in his poem " get out of the humming of the hull ", which is part of the digital literature that created its own characteristics. During this study, the mechanisms adopted by the poet to convey the poetic meaning and to clarify his vision of non-existence. We studied the reading language (visual language formation), the visual image (image formation, color and camel movement) and audio music. Among them and fused into Bo The poet adopted the technique of multimedia to express his sense of loss in his material world. As the paper poem passed through the adoption of the spoken language, the digital poem passed through the adoption of digitization techniques, and each of the two types had their own circumstances.
ISSN: 2392 - 5361
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